Ways To Donate

DYC is a 501(c)(3) approved nonprofit organization so all your contributions are fully tax-exempt. If you would like to help support DYC’s future activities, please donate any amount. Your contributions would really make a difference and we would really appreciate it if you contribute in any form. DYC welcomes optional financial donations from parents, mentors, and organizations as a token of appreciation. The funds raised will be used for community service and hosting many more workshops.

Here are the ways you can contribute

Donate by check

Write a check payable to “Design Your Careers”

Donate Online

PayPal (PayPal.me/DYC501c3) Donate with paypal

Donate through your Corporation

Most of the employer companies in the US provide donation matching programs.

Most of the employer companies in the US provide donation matching programs. Many of them match your donations dollar for dollar, meaning if you donate $50, the company will add $50 to make the donation amount to $100. It is the best way to double your donations. Please visit your company’s intranet site for donation matching information. DYC is a registered organization in many known companies. If you work for Apple, Google, Microsoft or another company, it is easy to donate through your employer. If Design Your Careers (DYC) is not listed as one of the recognized charities by your company, we request you add it to the list. If it requires additional information about DYC, please contact us.

Recurring Donations

Choose your Frequency

  • One Time | Monthly | Quarterly | Annually
  • Choose Your Level
  • $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000
  • Share your details and proceed the payment

    Amazon Donations

    If you're shopping on Amazon, select “Design Your Careers” as your charity of choice and Amazon will donate a small % of your purchase to DYC at no cost to you! Please bookmark the link below as a favorite.
    Design Your Careers - Amazon Smiles
    We need your involvement and support. We know how much more DYC can accomplish with your giving so please make a tax-deductible gift that creates unlimited possibilities for the students to become future well-rounded innovators.

    Our impact

    We share knowledge, empower & engage communities, and support students to make a difference in their lives and others. Please share it with your friends and family so that DYC start getting some funds to achieve its goals.
    All contributions to Design Your Careers are income tax deductible, and are made with the understanding that Design Your Careers has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds, according to IRS guidelines. Thank you for thinking about donating to Design Your Careers. It is not necessary to cover the transaction fees, so select “I do not want to cover the processing fee” after clicking continue.