About us

DYC Approach

DYC approach makes it very easy and flexible to participate from anywhere, allows to boost performance in all levels of skills development or achieve mastery in the challenging areas.

Learn, Share, and Inspire with others for a Wholesome Learning Experience

Learn through any resource sourced from anywhere
Provides you the freedom to learn anytime from anyone
Learn at your own pace with proper peer structure and support in all challenging areas
Learn any path or discipline with personalize plans, based on guidance from mentors
One Platform -> Infinite Opportunities -> Global Recognition
Our Mission
Provide a single platform where students may freely learn, share, and collaborate with others while serving the global community and benefiting all.
Our Vision
Envision a DYC like learning atmosphere with shared learning initiatives to promote education as a right across the length and breadth of the country.
Our Values
integrity, Transparency, Unity, Honesty, Selflessness, and Collaboration are the values that guide the DYC journey
Our Approach
our programs have learning and sharing opportunities to contribute in various ways based on your interests, time, education, experience, and skill set.

Who we are

Design Your Careers (DYC) is a collaboration platform connecting leaders and learners from diverse backgrounds and various fields and interests.
We are group of like-minded people who intend to bring in a collaborative knowledge sharing medium and thereby leadership habit in youth. We have initiated this as a singular platform to explore knowledge, skills, and passions throughout the community, city, nation, and the world! This is an initiative that seeks to encourage youth to get introduced to new talents, skills, and abilities in the realms of physical and emotional well-being.

We want students to be able to explore a variety of areas simultaneously in a “one-stop” shop and merge numerous interests that could even lead to multiple professions or avocations.

We provide unlimited global leadership opportunities where everyone at every level can learn, lead, teach, coach, or mentor others in various ways.

How DYC Started

DYC was ignited by asking a simple “question”: what if students and parents could focus on building students’ talents or skills in one place while giving back to a global community along the way?
The average parent spends multiple overhead hours every week on unwanted logistical chores such as student drop offs & pickups, researching enrichment programs/academic camps/volunteer opportunities, and juggling conflicting schedules

The average student spends numerous hours every week commuting and participating in multiple unsatisfactory—yet time consuming—enrichment programs/academic camps/volunteer activities while compromising their highest priorities

These challenges are piled on top of a busy day of work, school, and family responsibilities.
We provide maximum accessibility, flexibility, and tailorability to accelerate your unique interests and reach your potential.

Our Philosophy & Core Values

DYC aims to be a free-flowing catalyst and a platform encouraging children to explore their attributes in a bigger way, showcasing their skills while promoting collaboration among peers, doing away with superiority complex while promoting belongingness, knowledge-sharing, and selflessness to the core.

  • Purposeful Learning in diverse fields – logical, creative, social, and emotional
  • Give-As-You-Go – Teach skills you know, while learning skills you don’t!
  • All “Talents” Equal – We give due importance to every skill and talent of individuals
  • Participate to Grow – Everyone can participate in learning, leading, teaching, or mentoring in education, arts and sports

Why Us

  • We help students identify and develop their skills and talents.
  • We allow students to participate from anywhere (onsite, online and offline).
  • We offer personalized and sustainable pathways to meeting students personal goals.
  • We encourage students to share their abilities with others while developing new interests.
  • We create a hands-on learning environment that encourages to use both your creative and logical skills.
  • We encourage students of all skill sets to develop and learn by providing mentorship for personal growth.
  • We strive to empower youth as a positive change agents to foster in both local and global communities.
  • We recognize students’ efforts in many ways including certificates, community service hours, and recommendation letters.