DYC Founding Members

The genesis of the DYC concept first started at a dining table between two friends. They were exercising their brains on an intricate math competition exam as a mentor and the mentee. They realized that helping out one another is the way to learn better. DYC was conceptually born in the year 2018.

Rohan Malyala

I love math, robotics, technology, and science. You can find me constantly working on applied technology and hands-on engineering projects. I particularly enjoy using design thinking practices in my projects. I have always enjoyed participating in Robotics competitions, science fairs as well as math competitive exams. If I’m not chasing technology, I’ll likely be running in track & field, where I qualified and competed in the USATF National Junior Olympics (2018 & 2019). This helped me learn how to effectively set goals, challenge my limits, and push myself to reach my maximum potential. I also explored many sports in my schools such as Volleyball, Track & Field, Wrestling, and Football. For fun, In addition, I like to do hip-hop, break dancing and singing.

I am excited to grow, share my knowledge and experience, and serve communities through DYC. I believe exploring different fields and applying one’s skills in different ways helps us become well-rounded individuals.

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Anirudhan Badrinath

I am a computer and technology enthusiast, having built a computer and created various games, websites, and software from scratch. Currently working on many technology-related projects such as Web applications, an iOS/Android app, and custom apps. I have experience in both learning computer science and teaching it to young students.

A student in the AP Computer Science A class, I have academic experience with many professionally-used programming languages, such as Java and Python. I have also been very interested in math and its applications in the real world since my childhood, having thus far participated in various math-related competitions.

A previous school MathCounts champion and state MathCounts competition participant, I have experienced the challenging and confusing problems that can be posed and thus am very open to helping students prepare themselves for the difficulties they may face.