Students Club

Wilcox DYC Club was created to bring the benefits of the Design Your Careers platform to the students of Adrian Wilcox High School. With our committed team of club officers, we plan to recruit students to our club and help them create workshops. These workshops are for teaching free classes to children who would otherwise have to pay for exposure to extracurriculars. In addition, the students leading these workshops will gain community service hours for their contributions.

Workshops we are interested in hosting:

  • Crochet
  • Python Programming
  • Valorant (Gaming)
  • Elementary Math
  • Creative Writing
  • Competition Math Skills Training

Our club also aims to reward our members by inviting industry professionals to talk at our school. This allows students at our highschool to get a glimpse of what their professional future may look like.

Industry professionals we would like to meet:
● Computer Scientist
● Electrical Engineer
● Medical or Defense Related
● Law and Business
● Newspaper Companies
● Film Industry
● Finance Advisors for College Education and Savings

If you or anyone you know fits into any of these professions, please contact us at Your help is greatly appreciated!

Officer Information