Fundraiser for DYC

Hello Everyone,

We need support from all of you. Please help us raise the funds which will support building a stronger and bigger DYC community benefitting many more students.

As part of our fundraiser campaign “Everyone and Every Cent Counts,” we seek to collect funds for the DYC portal application to benefit many more students across the world. With these funds, we will be able to make the portal interactive on a secured website to bring more students to the fore. We would also be able to hold multiple online events and workshops concurrently seamlessly without having to worry about bandwidth, heavy manual work, and clutter.


Everyone and Every Cent Counts!

  • Count on Us as We Count on You
  • Count on us for a sustainable learning platform for your child.
  • Count on us for a transparent mentoring platform that helps your child expand their real-time knowledge wings and to have a repeatable learning platform

Join us at the DYC movement as our Student Leaders are committed to share and expand on the initiative of “sharing all skills”. Help us reach underprivileged children in the US and across the world offline as well as online.

To keep the movement going, we Count on You!

  • Your gift of $5 can help 25 children with school supplies for a day!
  • Your gift of $25 can help 50 children learn a new skill for a month!
  • Your gift of $50 can help us scale our website hosting to host 100+ free programs for a year!

Any contribution counts. Your time, knowledge, and funds are valuable to us. Teach, learn, donate, or volunteer for our activities, anytime, and from anywhere!

DYC has trained hundreds of students through free workshops since 2018, without charging a penny. We seek to connect learners and mentors through our platform, while also providing leadership opportunities and community service for all kinds of students. We have successfully led 85+ workshops (viz. Math AMC-8/10, Java programming, Web design, IoT, Dance, Talent show, calligraphy, art, science projects, Video making, Chess, Creative Writing, Track & Field learning tips, etc.). Our programs have benefited 1800+ students and 3000+ underserved children globally. All our workshops gave learners students applied skills and the tools they needed to get ahead. In addition, a number of volunteers have helped to serve 10 different non-profits, attending to 3000+ underserved kids. On average, students & volunteers together have spent 2000+ dedicated hours to make this platform accessible globally.

Presently, we are scheduling workshops, sending emails, capturing feedback, publishing on social media, issuing certificates, holding campaigns manually. With your assistance, we could automate many tasks and expand beyond the demographics beyond the spaces we have currently covered. A full-fledged automated portal can help us reach more learners, mentors, and host community service for low-income families, all for free. The comprehensive portal supports multiple student workshops under one canopy and delivers a seamless experience for new entrants.

DYC is Engaging Global Communities & Empowering Youth Across the World

We are counting on each one of you. Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Rohan Malyala

Founder and Vice President

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DYC is a 501(c)(3) approved nonprofit organization so all your contributions are fully tax-exempt. TAX ID / FEIN: 82-5309935 Ways to Donate – Paypal or view more details in this link

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