How It Works

We have initiated DYC as a singular platform to introduce our own knowledge, skills, and passions to others while encouraging them to do the same.

DYC team seeks to introduce logical, academic, non-academic, arts, skills, abilities, and activities that can help us grow collectively better than ever before.

Following the dictum of unschooling, the students dictate the mode of learning. We offer our programs and services to all of any level from anywhere who is willing to be part of a team and work with DYC members. Each of them can learn multiple skills for free being part of DYC Community and reap unlimited opportunities. We leverage resources, the experts, the tools, and the technologies around us to train each other what we could not, with multiple possibilities.

DYC is literally the “Design of Our Careers” and our future, as in the holistic development of our unique personalities.

We aspire to learn, share, and mentor in

Enrich language skills in different ways
Learn about artificial intelligence, robotics, and core programming
Understanding dance in different forms
Understand scientific concepts and theories at your own pace
Play musical instruments right from the basics
Improve general knowledge about the nation, its history, politics, and other theories
Embrace expert practical advice and techniques in diverse sports
Learn more about ecology while promoting environment-friendly activities
Volunteer for community service and selfless contribution

All this and more is in store for us as we keep growing. We encourage one and all to be part of the DYC family and contribute, share, learn and participate in what you need and what you can do, anytime.

We are keen to make a difference in the community with our model.