DYC Programs


The activities and workshops under the Logicians program is designed to encourage students in languages, theoretical learning, and academics. Learners and mentors who are interested in traditional academic subjects or STEM fields are part of this program.

Logicians are the ones that learn, share, participate, and understand the basics of every language, scientific concept, engineering principle or a math puzzle. The Logicians include students who are involved in academics from every field. Learners can participate in workshops hosted by other DYC members or Mentors. These workshops and programs are available either on-site, online, or offline.

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The activities and workshops under Imaginers is designed to encourage the students in fine arts and other artistic disciplines.
Imaginers are the ones that rely on skill, talent, and artistic merit to excel in their field. All non-academic activities that go beyond theory and into the practical domain are part of this avenue. Learners and trainers who are interested in music, dance, dramatics, creative writing, etc. can be a part of this group. The group also ensures maximum workshops, events, practical trainings, and presentations that highlight every skill inclusive of dancing, drawing, singing, writing etc.

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DYC Givers is a social impact program that makes it easier for you to support the causes that matter to you.

The activities under the Givers program encourage students to volunteer and give back to their community. We are focused on building the sharing community by giving basic educational supplies, financial assistance for school, and a one-time food/snacks. One can host fundraising events or initiate below core activities to support any needy children.

Core Activities

  • Food Drive
  • Toy Drive
  • Book Drive
  • Supply Drive
  • Fundraise
  • Education Pass

We are also providing you with additional benefits you have not yet encountered anywhere else. Earn great life experiences and community hours.


Chat with us or send us an email. We’re here to help you get started.

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The activities under the Players program encourage students to foster their passion and interest in sports and other games activities. Players are those who are keen in pushing their limits in terms of strength, stamina, skill, vigor, concentration, teamplay, and endurance. A Player can share their key learning experiences in DYC standard template.
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