DYC awards individuals who fulfill their roles as a leader, mentor and volunteer with maximum hours contributed to the DYC activities. Candidates must showcase a positive attitude as well as time management, clear communication, and problem-solving skills.

DYC Awards

  • Those who lead at least 4 workshops through DYC
  • Those who serve over 120 hours a year.
  • All Rounder Award – Those who contribute extraordinarily in four DYC programs.
  • Champion Award – Those who demonstrate leadership skills and inspire others by running chapters/clubs in school or online or community

PVSA Awards

We have also incorporated the President’s Volunteer Service Award to honor the most outstanding members of the DYC family with adequate recognition of the impact they make in the community. DYC is a 501c3 organization and is now eligible to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) for all contributions done through DYC.

Hours required to earn awards in each age group

Kids (5-10 Years)-->26-49 hours
Teens (11-15 Years)-->50-74 hours
Young Adults (16-25 Years)-->100-174 hours
Adults (26 + Years)-->100-249 hours
Kids (5-10 Years)-->50-74 hours
Teens (11-15 Years)-->75-99 hours
Young Adults (16-25 Years)-->175-249 hours
Adults (26 + Years)-->250-499 hours
Kids (5-10 Years)-->75+ hours
Teens (11-15 Years)-->100+ hours
Young Adults (16-25 Years)-->250+ hours
Adults (26 + Years)-->500+ hours
Life Time Achievement Award *
Kids (5-10 Years)-->4000+ hours
Teens (11-15 Years)-->4000+ hours
Young Adults (16-25 Years)-->4000+ hours
Adults (26 + Years)-->4000+ hours

The afore-mentioned age-groups are allocated a certain measure of time periods of activity for attaining the corresponding medal. For instance, kids aged 5 to 10 years old can attain the bronze medal by contributing 26-49 hours of their time. All lifetime achievement awards are awarded to students or adults who contribute 4000+ hours as a volunteer, learner, mentor, and/ or a player in DYC-sponsored workshops and activities.