Learners and Trainers

Student Learner

All those who are fond of learning, have come to the right place!

At DYC, our Learners pathway helps you to learn directly from your peers on topics that you love and are interested to learn about. Just sign up for the workshops or events that we post on the website or through our Facebook page. We also encourage prompt requests through email with your basic details so that we keep you in the loop about the upcoming programs.

Submit topics of interest to you and we might be able to include them in our upcoming workshops as well.

Note: Most of thestudent workshops are Free. There is a minimum cost involved with some workshops whenever we have an expert on board for the sessions or fundraise events for underserved children. For additional details or to learn more about programs at DYC, contact us or write an email to info@designyourcareers.org.


DYC empowers you to learn at your own sense of time, place, pace, and path that works for you. The approach helps to boost performance in skills development and achieve mastery in the challenging areas.

The platform helps you to meet individual needs based on your nature, skills, abilities, and understanding with a personalized approach to learning.

Trainers and Mentors

DYC empowers you to create personalized plans and showcase your teaching and leadership skills with variety of learners in the form of peers. The pace, path, and process can be individually decided too with the best time that works for both the learner and the mentor.

The platform supports you to manage activities and reuse resources for other learners too