Volunteer Opportunities

We are calling High schoolers, College Students, and Middle schoolers (responsible and mature) to participate in DYC programs. They can choose both Academic (STEM, Languages, Technology, Software, Robotics etc.,) & Creative (Arts, Music, Dance etc.,) areas. Multiple volunteer opportunities are available to participate from home. Choose your own interest area and submit for an initial evaluation or consult for additional guidance to get you started. Concept structure and design support will be provided. Options: Volunteering, Unpaid Internships Participation is from anywhere around the Globe (Onsite (Local Community), Online(Live via Zoom meetings) and Offsite(Structured Prerecorded).

You will join a team with visionary leaders and committed colleagues who relentlessly tackle the challenges and make an impact. These tasks will satisfy all your volunteer and non-volunteer hours of community work, and also earn special rewards.

Some of the categories are:

Coding, Math, Languages, Speech and debate, Arts & Crafts, Dance, Science, Music, Writing, Foreign language and Photography. Also, need administrative assistance (Offline support) from candidates who are good at social media marketing and possess great people skills!

Not sure where to start?

Call us for free consultation to learn how to be part of the DYC team. Please write an email to us if you’re interested and pass this on to your friends.