Rohan Malyala


Santa Clara, California, USA


PVSA Gold Award

Contribution in Year:

2020, 2021

Contribution in Year 2020: Through the DYC platform, I was able to contribute 350+ community hours by organizing various free workshops, drive platform, website content, community projects to serve underserved children, structure, templates for building DYC club for schools, fundraiser for portal development, connecting with others for various activities through emails, calls, zoom meetings and building future strategy to benefit many other student leaders and needy children. I am extremely happy to have received the PVSA award for the years 2020 contributions.
I am excited to grow the platform across the Nation, share my knowledge, skills, and experiences through DYC. All our learners motivated me to take this platform to new heights. It also helped me tap into my potential and get some real acknowledgment of my efforts!” The PVSA award is a worthy acknowledgment of what we have been doing at DYC for the last few years.” “I am thankful to PVSA leadership team for acknowledging the volunteering efforts we have put in consistently to do our bit for the society. This award encourages me to do more, today and also in the future.” I strongly believe sharing, exploring different fields , and applying one’s skills in different ways helps us become well-rounded individuals. I thank my team who consistently demonstrate dedication in sharing with others to improve the communities and the lives of others.

About Me

Hi all,
As we usher into the brand new year of 2021, it is time to renew our hopes and energies towards new horizons, collectively!
I would like to thank each and everyone to stick with DYC and repose your belief in our efforts. It means a lot to us and we need your best wishes to continue doing the best work we can. As you all have been instrumental in hosting and managing several free workshops online and as well as offline, I would like to encourage all DYC student leaders to make a comprehensive list of activities for upcoming years on a personal front!
The DYC team has been instrumental in implementing varied events, workshops, presentations, and community projects, despite the year we had collectively, in 2020.
The team has been enthusiastic in strategy planning, fund-raising campaigns, book drive, mentor sessions, social media management, host workshops on varied topics, and even stitched and contributed masks for health workers. I personally enjoyed driving my workshops, interacting with many individuals, mentors, volunteers, helping underserved children with various community projects and working on strategy activities throughout and managing stay at the home time quite efficiently.
For nearly 2.5 years, we’ve been honoring those who share their skills with others on the DYC platform because we’ve seen the power and importance of sharing in all forms and delivery impacts nationwide. This year those receiving PVSA awards are empowered to do more, while their stories of extraordinary community service inspire others to action.
Helping others change lives — At DYC, we’ve proven that we grow as individuals simply through the act of sharing with others in all forms.
Our programs build confidence in people’s ability to make a difference, skills that drive personal growth, compassion, and commitment to others. reconnects us to one another in a bigger way. It provides opportunities for us to grow as individuals. It transforms us into happier, more active members of society. It creates stronger, more connected communities, increases self-confidence and promotes active healthy lifestyles. building connections and networks of support.

We built this organization to continue our own interests that will utilize skills to benefit mutual growth, confidence, and success. To continuously strive for higher achievement in life and establish us as a perfect and accepting challenging work and contribute forward to the success by giving people around you a positive change from sharing what we know will help to grow an organization.
The PVSA program is a unique opportunity for our DYC student leaders to shine. And DYC is one stage that can help students grow exponentially today and in the near future.
We thank our PVSA participants for their contribution and appreciate submitting their experience about the same and what they feel about the contribution through DYC programs. Your contribution will inspire others to come forward and showcase their latent skills too.
At DYC, we encourage everyone to excel in every part of their life.
Thank you!
You’re all doing a great job helping others. It’s a deeply gratifying process and is usually the first step towards many large steps we will take in life.
As we grow consistently over time, making the youth to be a part of DYC and its shared learning efforts, we encourage everyone to step up and drive more activities in the community. Every individual skill and talent can be harbored through collaboration and commitment, right here right from home.
Together, we can make a difference!
We encourage new members of DYC to participate wholeheartedly in our global cause. You can participate by:
Share your skills and talents through multiple workshops right from home
Host webinars with professionals of the field while managing the invites
Manage organization administration tasks and write articles about different fields
Spread and share knowledge through different DYC programs and projects
Volunteer for supporting the underserved by seeking donations from every sphere
We are excited to have new members on board. We are sure to do great things together today and in the near future.
Rohan Malyala
Founder & Vice President