Manaskriti Sista


Frisco, Texas USA


PVSA Gold Award

Contribution in Year:


Contribution in the Year 2021: Through DYC, I was able to contribute 100+ community volunteer hours by teaching my skills to many other interested student learners from the comfort of my house.
Hosting my workshops through DYC has continually compelled me to work harder and grow my skills. Not only that, I learned to teach various subtopics about one subject, but also had to answer the students’ copious questions and thoughts on the lesson which was a driving force for me to research more, think harder, and view them from a different perspective. DYC isn’t only about teaching others or getting community volunteer hours but is more about collaborating, understanding new concepts, bettering your skills, speculating about topics, and last, but not least, connecting with a huge worldwide community at the comfort of your house and your terms. I encourage all to join DYC’s growing global family.

About Me

Hello! I am Manaskriti Sista, a 7th grader at Maus Middle School. I am passionate about badminton, drawing & painting, slokas, basketball, and anything that has to do with visual arts or sports. I spend a lot of my free time hanging out with friends, painting, playing badminton, and watching TV. Some interesting facts about me are that I have been learning art for 9 years now, and am trilingual, meaning I can speak three different languages.
In my boredom during the COVID-19 lockdown, my mom had told me about a wonderful opportunity with Design Your Careers that I could take up. Although this seemed like quite a difficult task, I decided that a challenge would be nice, and joined their large community as a student leader. Over the course of the last year, I taught for 100+ hours in the seven workshops I conducted, two writing, art, calligraphy, English language workshops, and two recorded workshops, a writing workshop, again, a one fitness workshop, and the helpful resources I made for our team of student leaders. With the great enthusiasm the kids brought during my first workshop, I decided that it would be amazing to continue with DYC. Through the course of these several workshops, I learned that teaching was the best way to learn. I even learned things like interacting with people and learned a lot more about each of those topics that I taught. One very important thing that DYC has taught me is that we grow as a community. I had an opportunity to work with the managerial part of DYC where I got to experience support tasks and setting up the layouts and templates for other student leaders.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey with Design Your Careers, not only since I was able to reach out, inspire, and teach hundreds of students all over by developing and nurturing my skills on the way, but also since it was adjustable to my timings and my range of interests. Due to DYC’s online platform and flexibility, I was able to put so much of my quarantine to a good cause and expand my knowledge, understanding, public speaking skills, and gain self-confidence. I thank their core team for making this possible for me and many others. I encourage everyone to join and walk through their own journey with DYC.