Imraan Mohammed


Fremont, CA, USA


PVSA Bronze Award

Contribution in Year:

Conducted a Python workshop, a Scratch workshop, and made a Speech & Debate Teaching video

Design Your Careers enabled me to grow my skills while also sharing them through helping others. I was able to use what I already knew to help other, younger students by teaching them. At the same time, I was able to grow my knowledge through figuring out what I would teach and making content to teach. Teaching younger students gave meaning to what I was learning beyond just me. With DYC, I taught coding as well as Speech and Debate. I was passionate about both those things and continue to be passionate about them. I had put a lot of time and effort into getting to the level that I currently am at with regards to coding and Speech and Debate. I was empowered and motivated when I realized that the effort that I had put into getting this far would not only help me, but would also help others. Design Your Careers enabled me to help others by fostering a sense of community within me. I was able to show others how to code and help others do the same thing that I did and develop a passion for coding. Through the speech and debate workshop that I conducted, I was able to instill a passion and love for Speech and Debate in others. Design Your Careers allowed me to grow and allowed me to inspire, empower, and share with others.

About Me

Coding has always been one of my biggest passions. My passion for coding started in fifth grade. I first took a coding summer camp with an organization. It was a Scratch coding camp. The camp was fun and taught me essential parts of Scratch. Soon afterward, I continued to take more summer camps. I learned Scratch comprehensively and quickly gained a passion for coding. I started creating different projects and games in Scratch. After that, I expanded on my passion for coding by taking a Python class. I started learning Python and quickly expanded my coding skills. In 2021, I discovered Design Your Careers and immediately realized that I had found something, that I had found a place where I could improve and have a large impact on others. I’m Imraan Mohammed, and I’m from Fremont, California. Ever since finding Design Your Careers, I have been empowered and inspired. I’ve learned that my passions can not only benefit me, but can benefit and help others. Design Your Careers has had a profound impact on me, and has allowed me to impact others. I was able to share my passions with others while also growing as a person. In addition to coding, I taught a Speech and Debate workshop. This Speech and Debate workshop was particularly impactful to me because of how new I was to Speech and Debate. Design Your Careers impacted me in a profound way. Design Your Careers continues to impact me today, and I hope it also continues to impact the students that I taught through Design Your Careers.
Let me show you how Design Your Careers has impacted me and others. Technology continues to be a part of people’s everyday lives. Technology continues to improve. One type of technology that continues to be iconic and seems to be everywhere is the computer. Computers, which are in many types of technology, require coding. Many other forms of technology also require coding. This makes coding increasingly important and relevant in today’s world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people were increasingly reliant on technology. Technology and computers increasingly replaced things that were once in person. People used technology to communicate with others and do other things. I think that coding can be used as a gateway into technology and other things. Teaching coding was also ideal for me because of the experience that I already had with coding. I had done a lot of work in Scratch and was already proficient in it. I had also learned Python. I was only able to learn coding and start learning Scratch because of how it was taught to me and where I learned it from. My interest in Scratch and coding in general had started when I took a summer camp on Scratch when I was in fifth grade. This summer camp was impactful to me and inspired me to pursue coding as a passion. I wanted to do the same thing to students at Design Your Careers as the people who taught me coding at first did to me. I decided to do a Scratch workshop with Design Your Careers. I made a slideshow about Scratch. I garnered interest for this program from many different students. I used what I already knew about Scratch in order to decide what to teach the students.
Later in the year, I also made a video through Design Your Careers about Speech and Debate. At the time that I was making this video, I had just started learning about and participating in Speech and Debate. As a result, I was unsure of my ability to teach other people about Speech and Debate. However, through Design Your Careers, I was able to do so seamlessly. Design Your Careers boosted my confidence and allowed me to do this. By making a Design Your Careers video, I was able to grow my speech and debate skills. As a beginner to Speech and Debate, I was able to acquire new skills through making material to teach others. I was also able to create material in a way that I knew was beginner friendly, since I myself was a beginner. Design Your Careers allowed me to reach many different people and have a massive impact through this video. Through Design Your Careers, I was able to take my skills and then utilize their platform to share my skills with others. Design Your Careers provided me with a valuable experience that boosted my Speech and Debate skills while also hopefully boosting other people’s skills.

Overall, I think that Design Your Careers was able to benefit me but also benefit other people. Being with Design Your Careers has allowed me to take my passions to the next level by sharing them with other people. By sharing my interests with others, I was able to get a feeling that my passions meant that I was having an impact on the world and benefiting others, while also improving my own skills. Through the Design Your Careers workshops I conducted and the video that I made, I was able to be a leader. By interacting with others, I was able to create an impact on my community. Overall, Design Your Careers gave me the platform to share my skills with others, allowing me to help and impact others, and do the same to me.