Chandravathi Sayani


Skillman, New Jersey, USA


PVSA Gold Award

Contribution in Year:


Contribution in Year 2020: Through DYC, I was able to contribute 250+ community service hours by contributing to COVID-19 relief efforts and giving advice to students who aspire to join the healthcare field in the future.
DYC has allowed me to expand my creativity in coming up with workshops that reach a wide audience. The flexibility this organization provides me with has truly allowed me to do projects I thoroughly enjoy executing. Along the way, I have enhanced skills such as thinking outside the box, communicating with my team or different organizations, and planning the logistics to execute my project to the best quality. I highly recommend those who have an interest to develop new skills and be a part of an encouraging community of Student Leaders to join DYC. Join Our Growing Community !!

About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Chandravathi Sayani (Chandra for short) and I am a junior attending Rutgers University. I am a Biological Sciences major and will be attending Robert Wood Johnson Medical School starting July 2021. In my free time, I enjoy getting very invested in different types of arts/crafts including origami, lanyard weaving, and knitting. I also enjoy binge-watching TV shows as a way to destress from school and delve into a world of fiction. Some cool facts you may not know about me are that I did fencing in high school, I am a certified EMT, and also wrote a few articles for a pre-health magazine club at Rutgers.
As a student entering the medical field with the intention of becoming a physician, I wanted to venture out and seek opportunities that would allow me to contribute to that field through my service. COVID-19 has drastically impacted many people in need of support systems. To help with these tough times, I decided to join DYC as a platform that allows me to create projects that can reach a broad audience across the country. Some workshops I have done include stitching masks for healthcare workers, hosting a yoga session for young children with a certified instructor to help their mental healths during this pandemic, giving advice to pre-med students, and fundraising for organizations such as the Franklin Food Bank, HomeFront, and SEWA International Organization. Over the course of my time so far at DYC, I can say that I have definitely honed on many skills, in particular my ability to communicate with others and plan for various events. These skills will definitely help in my future career as a physician as I communicate with patients and other healthcare professionals.
I truly look forward to the future in DYC because I enjoy coming up with new project ideas that could inspire other students to do the same. After all, DYC strives to create a community of student leaders who serve their own communities and the passion I have seen from the student leaders I worked with definitely showed me the success in achieving that. The freedom that DYC gives its students further ensures that students only do what they are passionate about, in turn generating more determination to better fulfill their roles as student leaders. If you are someone who wishes to launch your own project or teach a unique skill, I would highly recommend you to join DYC because this organization provides students the freedom to pursue any projects they are interested in. If you wish to start a book club, go for it! If you wish to teach how to write a song, go for it! This organization let’s your voice and actions be heard by people all across the US.