Ashitha Puvvada


Alpharetta, Georgia, USA


PVSA Silver Award

Contribution in Year:


Through the DYC platform, I was able to contribute 75+ community hours by hosting various workshops, fundraising, and hosting a book drive. DYC is an amazing platform that has provided me with the opportunity to share my passions with my community through workshops. I have also been able to improve my communication and leadership skills and further develop my knowledge of topics that interest me. I encourage everyone to join DYC’s growing community as a student leader or learner.

About Me

Hi, I am Ashitha Puvvada, a freshman at Innovation Academy. I am passionate about learning new languages, math, coding, and traveling. I love traveling to new places and exploring their culture and language.
A few months ago, I joined DYC, because of my desire to spread knowledge to the community. I loved the idea of teaching other students from the comfort of my own home. In the past year, I have hosted a live Spanish Workshop and 2 math workshops. I enjoyed teaching my Spanish workshop as the students were so motivated and passionate about learning the language and I was able to improve my own knowledge through the student’s curiosity. The amazing response I got from the community motivated me to continue working with DYC. Through DYC, I also hosted a book drive with Children Read which enabled me to provide underprivileged children with books to build their reading skills. I am so grateful to DYC for giving me this opportunity to share my skills with the community. DYC has allowed me to improve my skills and knowledge. I would like to thank DYC for providing me and other student leaders with this amazing opportunity to enrich others’ lives.