Arya Kunisetty


Fremont, California, USA


PVSA Bronze Award

Contribution in Year:


Contribution in Year 2020: Through the DYC platform, I was able to contribute 50+ community hours by teaching students basic and competitive mathematics.
Hosting workshops through DYC helped me experience the different ways to help and support students. Teaching students to not just teach them the subject, but to increase their desire to learn more. DYC team members are very good at inspiring people into making the world a better place. Join Our Growing Community !!

About Me

My name is Arya Kunisetty and I’m an 8th grader at Thornton Junior High. Some of my hobbies include reading books, coding, and playing chess. I enjoy participating in competitions, such as Elementary Math Olympiad, Elementary and Middle School Science Olympiad, Tech Olympiad, Math Counts, Math Kangaroo, and AMC 8.
My first attempt at teaching happened at Centerville Library where I taught chess to younger kids. That event was a huge success and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This inspired me to teach more. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and I was forced to find online ways to teach. That is when the DYC opportunity caught my attention. DYC gave me the platform and tools that allowed me to teach easily and helped the students learn much more effectively. After my first workshop, I wanted to teach on a much larger scale. When I first opened the registration, I received an overwhelming amount of responses, however, I wanted the classes to be collaborative and focused. So with the help of DYC, I was able to split the class into two separate classes so that it will be more efficient for everyone.
DYC supported and backed me through this initiative. I thoroughly enjoyed it and this will be one of my cherished events.