Amogh Donthi


Union City, California, USA


PVSA Silver Award

Contribution in Year:


Through the DYC platform, I was able to contribute 170+ community hours by sharing my skills with many other student learners from home.
Hosting my workshops through DYC has helped me develop my skills to a new extent as well as learn new concepts .The questions and perspectives of the students have made me think about the materials I teach in various different ways . Design Your Careers platform is not just about sharing skills or getting community hours, it is also about meeting new students, learning new concepts, improving on your fundamentals, reinventing yourself, reflecting on your past, and connecting with your friends/family as well as your community. Join Our Growing Community !!

About Me

Hey there! I am Amogh Donthi, a Junior at Irvington High School. I am passionate about software development, film-making, and mostly anything tech-based. I spend my free time learning new concepts and languages, such as Spanish and Java. I also learn how to use new software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. Some fun facts about me are that I love to play video games, give speeches to large groups of people, and also learn new things.

I found Design Your Careers over a year ago, because I had an insatiable desire to help students across the world as well as in my own community. Over the last year, I have taught 100+ students in the three workshops I conducted on Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro, Advanced Adobe Premiere Pro, and Introduction to Java. I was also able to participate at the Across Borders event, in which we were able to bring together various groups of people at one venue for a great performance. I got an amazing response for my first workshop and that helped me grow and stay with DYC. Through these workshops, I learned a lot about teaching students and how to help cater to their needs. In addition to the workshops, I was able to delegate administrative tasks under DYC, in which I was able to set up a local chapter at my own school, where we were able to teach middle-school to high-school students new concepts they had never even encountered. I was also able to learn how organizations work and manage my own team, which provided me with invaluable experiences.

I have enjoyed my journey with DYC because I am able to connect with students on a fundamental level but also teach them skills that they will use in their futures. I was able to effectively use my skills to help enrich the lives of others as well as expand my perspective and better my own skills. I appreciate that Design your Careers has created an opportunity for students like me to help their communities thrive.