Advaith Venkataraghavan


Fremont, California, USA


PVSA Bronze Award

Contribution in Year:


Contribution in the Year 2021: Through the DYC platform, I was able to contribute 50+ volunteer hours through teaching workshops and conducting fundraisers.
Working through DYC taught me many things. I got to amplify my leadership skills by teaching a workshop for student learners. I had to think about teaching the students in a way that they would understand. The students also had many interesting questions which I had to answer. I had to approach each of their questions differently and that helped me sharpen my communication skills. You can also conduct many community services at DYC. I conducted a fundraiser to raise money to build a better platform for DYC. Some other community services you can run include book drives, sock drives, and food drives. Overall, DYC is a great organisation and I would recommend anyone to join our growing community.

About Me

Hello there! My name is Advaith Venkataraghavan and I am a seventh grader at Thornton Jr.High school. I really enjoy playing sports such as cricket and table tennis. But, one thing that I’m really passionate about is chess. I love playing chess because it includes both tactical and strategic components which makes the game very interesting. I have been learning chess for quite some time now and have participated in many different competitions. I also really like doing math and like to explore new concepts in my free time.

In 2020, I joined a math class that was hosted through DYC. I really liked the fact that students got to share their knowledge through a virtual platform to other curious student learners. So the next year, I decided to join DYC as a student leader. At the time, I was learning chess and decided that I could teach chess to students in an engaging way. I created slides for each session and I also used a software tool to explain the concepts more clearly. At the end of each workshop, I planned a Kahoot game in order to test the students’ understanding of the concepts being taught that day. This made each session very interactive. I had a lot of fun while teaching the workshop and I believe the students learned a lot too. I also did a lot of projects for DYC such as video editing for my fellow student leaders and a pre-recorded version of my chess workshop. Recently, I conducted a fundraiser through DYC to help build a better platform which would in turn benefit needy students. I amplified my communication skills again as I had to present my cause and request for donations.

I really enjoyed working through DYC because I got to learn many things as well as spread my knowledge among many other student learners. Since DYC has a virtual platform, I got to teach my workshops at home which made teaching very flexible. I would like to thank DYC for giving me the opportunity to write this. DYC is a great organization and I would recommend anyone to join our growing community.