DYC is now officially four years old! Isn’t that something wonderful?

As we herald in the culmination of 4 eventful years, it is time to signal in a new era of voluntary education – with the new website launch for DYC. Witness it LIVE!


With a new and improved website portal that can turn heads, ‌with collective efforts, everything is possible.It is with pleasure and pride that we announce here that the new website for DYC is live for all!

We would like to extend my warmest wishes and express our gratitude and a big “Thank You” for all the students and donors, who contributed their time and money in assisting us in the same. Your expertise and know-how with timely site upgrades has helped us nail the navigation, and streamline the site better than before.

Tumultuous but eventful years!

These four years have been a kind of roller-coaster ride with the pandemic in between that complicated our work. We would like to thank all our DYC leaders, who helped to host DYC workshops and enabled students to take part consistently.

We are now roping in student leaders throughout the US as our community expands to new cities. We are seeking approval from schools to host DYC events and also bringing in companies for workshops that could help students everywhere.

Bring in mentors to host workshops or training sessions for students at reasonable rates – that DYC could bear, for hosting at nominal rates for interested students.

As part of DYC helping students in need activities in ‌education, we recently distributed computer tables, chairs, and DYC shirts to visually challenged teens at ASHA KUTEER BLIND HOME organization in Hyderabad. Their courage and optimism in the face of lifelong adversity was immensely inspiring‌. That DYC could contribute a bit to their growth is something we cherish a lot. You can have a look at some of the pictures that were clicked there.

Together, we continue to grow and excel in our own ways, with some support rendered by all of us in the path of learning and sharing.