Importance of Holistic Development

Author :
DYC Volunteer

We all know the importance of the holistic development of an individual imparting the fingerprint of each one of us in terms of what we could contribute to the world during our lifetime.

And we at Design Your Careers(DYC) are putting in efforts to enable children to walk on such a path to get themselves identified with their potential skill sets in any specific activity that they already possess but more importantly to explore the same for bringing in holistic development in them.

Gaining through Sharing

DYC believes in the truth that sharing skill-sets would bring holistic development to youth. This is a process of giving more to receive more to the family/society/country and the planet is similar to that of a modern computer language of packets sent and packets received in the internet scenario. When we try to adopt the same principle that works for computers in human life, we get ourselves opened up/channelized to gain more when we try to share the knowledge, and skillset that they already acquired.

“Individuals with strong interpersonal emotional intelligence (EQ) who draw on NOT ONLY their strong “left or right brain” (IQ) skill sets — but ALSO have developed relational (EQ) awareness, are generally more successful in their leadership careers and life. One of the references on the Interpersonal skills citation page.

Horizontal and Vertical Growth

We see many times parents being concerned and more focused on their children’s studies while ignoring the other important aspects of their creative abilities in the activities of the right brain such as art, music, dance, etc., which are all in fact, effectively contribute to left and right brain coordination leading to opening up their third eye to enable (internal) horizontal development/growth and the same talent upon putting into the usefulness of others by sharing will bring-in the much needed (external) vertical development/growth of the individual making the child blossom fully like a lotus flower being and offering the best. 

Our Core Physiology and Work

DYC is keen on identifying, nurturing, networking, popularizing, and eventually publicizing a child’s ability to not only make him/her strong internally but also to explore the opportunities in bringing their talents to be useful to society and the world as a fully blossomed individuals.


Bring in the holistic development of the child. Strives to enable a solid internal growth and an external reflection of the same in youth.