Video Editing Workshop

Adhya Kasamsetty

About Workshop

This free workshop will introduce you to the world of visual media and teach you professional-level graphic design and video editing. You will work on passion projects and fun challenges! Our world has become one filled with screens, ever-changing, and ever-expanding what we thought was possible. This workshop will introduce kids to the vast world of video editing and graphic design, two things that have quickly become a staple in the modern world, and a unique skill that’s sought after. This workshop will go over different software, the fundamentals of video editing, as well as give them some challenges/projects where they can put their skills to the test. Graphic media will also be covered, teaching them the different software and tools they can use to create stunning and unique visual media. The best part of these subjects is how immensely broad they are-there is no set way to do it, and there is so much room for uniqueness, imagination, and creativity. And these skills will definitely come in handy whether it is to create a flyer for an event, edit a couple funny videos together, make some cool designs for fun, make a travel montage, design a logo for a company, or create a short film, the implementations are truly limitless. Sign up ASAP, and come equipped with your curiosity and imagination to create something truly spectacular. You won’t want to miss this!

Workshop Images