Java Real-Time Project & Coding Workshop

Ojas Vashishtha

About Workshop

This 6-session interactive live project-based Java Workshop will provide an introduction to one of the most popular programming languages, as well as take-home assignments every session, all culminating in a final real-time project. Java is one of the most widely used programming languages today, used for desktop computing, Web development, mobile apps, games, and numerical computing. This course will cover basic introductions in Java, such as basic syntax, loops, and nested loops, and how to apply the core of java–object-oriented programming concepts in a real-time project. Each day, students will learn how to use this language through various live examples and take-home project assignments, working towards completing a final project in the last day session. Pre-requisites: some basic knowledge of programming is recommended, but all beginners are welcome!

Course Goals:

  • * Course for students 12+ to learn the basics of JAVA
  • * Learn about what JAVA is and what it is used for
  • * Learn the basic syntax of JAVA including how to declare/modify variables
  • * Learn about how and why loops are used and how to use loops effectively, included nested loops
  • * Get introduced to the core of JAVA: classes and objects
  • * Learn how to build arrays and array lists
  • * Take-home projects every session
  • * Final Project
  • * Bonus: Best Coding Practices to become a great programmer
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