Internet of Things (IoT) Beginners Workshop

Anirudhan Badrinath & Rohan Malyala

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most enticing and upcoming technologies.
This workshop covers the basics of Internet of Things and various sensors and Components of IoT world.

  • Beginner level IoT learners curious to learn Internet of Things basics or anyone who is interested in diving into the world of IoT.
    Learn the basics of (IoT) and how to connect sensors with Raspberry Pi from DYC members Anirudhan Badrinath & Rohan Malyala.
  • Watch forming simple IoT solutions *
    We are calling Middle e schoolers (responsible and mature) and high schoolers for various Leadership Roles in both Academic (STEM, Languages, Robotics etc.,) & Creative (Arts, Music, Dance etc.,) areas. Choose your own interest area and submit for an initial evaluation or consult for additional guidance to get you started. Concept structure and design support will be provided. Options.
    Participation is from anywhere around the Globe (Onsite, Online and Offline).
    You will join a team with visionary leaders and committed colleagues who relentlessly tackle the challenges and make an impact. These tasks will satisfy all your volunteer and non-volunteer hours of community work, also earn special rewards/recognition.