Genetics Science Workshop

Kirtana Poikayil

About Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn about the basics of genetics science. By the end, you’ll know about heredity, chromosomes, and DNA. Genetics is a topic that factors into our daily lives. It is the study as to why every living thing is the way it is. Genetics gives you reasons, explaining why you have certain traits similar to your parents, and how scientific processes in your body allow you to live. With this workshop, you’ll visually learn through illustrations in a fun way, make sense of traits that are passed down, and understand why your eyes could be a different color from your parents. To understand this fascinating topic, you’ll need paper and a writing utensil (pencil or pen). You’ll understand allele combinations and the physical characteristics expressed using genes by the end of this workshop. Remember to come with an open mind that’s ready to learn and let us start the exciting journey!

Workshop Images