DYC Free Spanish Workshop

Ashitha Puvvada

About Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn various Spanish topics ranging from the alphabet to past tense. By the end of this workshop, you will have a rudimentary understanding of Spanish

JOIN THE NETWORK OF AMBITIOUS YOUTH LEADERS FROM DYC WANTING TO GROW INNOVATION, LEADERSHIP, SHARING, AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP SKILLS. If you are one who is keen to be a Student Leader or possess leadership skills, come and take the plunge right away! Join the DYC team as Student Leader by becoming a member! Students can sign up to lead in various ways based on their interests, availability, and skills. Apply for membership and mention any skill in any form that can be shared online or offline or in your local community or school. The DYC team will guide you with the tools & the structure.

This is an easy way to earn volunteer hours, and qualified candidates have the chance to earn special recognition. You may also qualify for PVSA awards if the effort fulfills PVSA qualification requirements. We ensure that the activities at DYC will get you leadership recognition, you can also lead the fundraiser events or run DYC as a club in your local chapter.

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